What Makes You Feel Alive?

Image by Talk Studios

I'm serious.

What makes you feel alive? What gives you butterflies? Heart palpitations? 
What are you excited for when you wake up every morning and you're pouring your cup of coffee or  getting the kids ready for school? 
I think every once in a while, we need to sit and reflect on this. I don't know about you, but I live a pretty hectic and fast lifestyle. I'm always on the go, I'm always creating new content for my social media, I'm always making sure I stay connected to my audience and creatives in my network, and I'm always putting myself last. What happens when you put yourself last? 
-You stop sleeping well.
-You get irritable and lose patience with your family, friends, and business.
-Your health declines. You don't feel healthy and strong anymore!
-Sometimes, your creative tank is EMPTY.

I was experiencing all of those things and last summer, I went to Lake Arrowhead with Kym and four other women. Little did I know Kym was working her magic and guiding us all into understanding ourselves better and taking care of ourselves so we could be the best version of who we are. Since then, my business has grown SO MUCH. I've been a MUCH better and more present friend, daughter, sister, and business owner. I want every business owner and creative to feel this kind of rejuvenation and happiness. I can't wait for September. Its going to be amazing!
With that said, my first winner for $500 off the registration price for joining us at the NINE Retreat is....

Ashley of FieldandFollow.com

CONGRATS Ashely! Please email me your info and I'll send you my discount code! I'm giving away four more discount codes. Comment below to be randomly selected for my next giveaway! And share this with anyone you think would benefit from this amazing retreat.