Hello! Meet SN Makeup Artist

Images by Michelle Herrick

Hi there!

First of all, thank you SO much for visiting my website and following my makeup artistry. It means more to me than I'll every be able to express with words. I'm terrible with introductions, let alone talking about myself, but I felt an introduction was necessary. 

My name is Stephanie. I'm originally from Salt Lake City Utah and I moved to Phoenix Arizona four years ago. What?! How is that real? The last four years has FLOWN by. I'm entering my eighth year as a makeup artist. WHAT?! How in the world am I nearing a decade doing something I'm so passionate about as my career. Its unreal. Someone pinch me. 

Just kidding, don't. I bruise easily.

Behind the scenes on a shoot with Michelle Herrick, Image by Sara Nevels

While I started as a makeup artist working at retail counters in Utah it wasn't really until I moved to Phoenix that my makeup career started taking off. Truthfully? I worked my ass off for free for two years with the occasional paying gig until my name and my brand was well known. It was hard. I had days where I doubted myself, I had days I would cry because all I did was work and I hadn't made friends out here yet. I was working a retail job at MAC, teaching makeup courses at a cosmetology school, writing beauty articles for a local AZ magazine, writing fashion articles for a magazine based out of UT, creating beauty articles and tutorials for SheKnows.com, AND writing my own blog ON TOP of taking as much freelance work and wedding work as I possibly could. 
I would go to bed late, wake up early, and work as much as I could while trying to be present in my then relationship and explore my new state. It was HARD. 

I have SO many people asking me "how did you get started?", "What can I do to build my business?", the reality is that you just need to GO FOR IT. Don't think too hard about it, just work hard, show up on time ("on time" means early!), deliver high quality work, be reliable in your words and actions, and be real. Seriously, BE YOU. I know for a fact that even in the beginning when I was just ok at makeup, I was someone people wanted to work with. Thank goodness others saw my potential and continued to ask me to work with them. I'm beyond thankful for anyone who has ever wanted to work with me. 

You’re a good kid Steph. Take care of number one.
— My grandmother, Marabeth

The beauty industry is rough. Let's be real. A lot of people and jobs can be materialistic. Sometimes theres not a lot of depth or connection. I'm naturally a very empathic and giving person. To the point where I get taken advantage of. Its something I've honed since owning my business. You can in fact have a thick skin and huge heart at the same time. Who knew?!
Im very selective with the people I surround myself with. Which is seriously why it took me two years to make friends out here in AZ. I'm thankful to know I have a solid core of creatives out here in the desert that have also become great friends. Hell, family. And the fact we all get to create beautiful work together blows my mind daily. I'm so lucky its stupid. But that luck only came from me being extremely vulnerable and working my tail off. 

Today I specialize in all kinds of makeup application. My main focus is education, investing in people! (consultations, etc...), weddings, and having fun with creating looks for my online social media. Its a fun way for me to connect with my clients, friends, family, and followers. I love it! Right now I'm exploring new avenues in my career and seeing what works. You can always tell when you are entering a new chapter. I definitely am... I just don't know what it means yet. I'm going to continue to ride this wave and work hard! I would eventually love to have my own makeup line but we'll see what happens.

Image by Michelle Herrick

Anyway, thats enough about me! On this portion of my website I'll be sharing information about future makeup classes, more in depth stories from the weddings I work on, and posts on inspiring makeup looks that you'll also be able to see on my Instagram account. Thank you again for your interest in my artistry! I'm excited to create fun content for you all to check out.