Applying False Lashes with Citrine

Believe me, I know. Applying false lashes is intimidating. It takes more time in your day-to-day makeup routine and the concept is just plain hard to grasp. BUT, there are a few steps you can take to ensure this process is seamless for you and that your lashes don't look janky or fall off on you in the middle of your meeting with a very important client. 

Featured in the photo above, here are a few key steps that work for me:

1. While you're doing your eye makeup, have a dot of your favorite lash glue sitting out on a safe and clean surface. This will get the glue tacky so it's ready to rock and roll when you apply it to the lash band. I never apply my lash glue straight from the tube. 

2. Measure your lashes! Look down into a compact mirror and test the lash. Using small scissors, trim the outer corners of the lash until you get the desired length. 

3. Using tweezers is my favorite for applying a false lash. I apply the lash glue with the end of a clean brush or a disposable want and make sure I have a good amount of glue on there. Nothing too heavy but it's a solid coat. Using the tweezers, look down into a mirror and slowly start to place the outer corner of your lash on. Once it feels secure, roll the false lash into the center of the eye and finally end by securing the inner corner.
Looking down into a mirror versus looking straight and tugging your skin or closing your eye, keeps your eyelids in its most natural state meaning the lash will be more secure and comfortable. 

A little before and after! 

Can we be real? Lashes really seal the deal. I hope this info and these photos were informative and helpful! Shop any of the products listed below via and use code 'SNMAKEUP' to save at checkout! 

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