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As this is my final year (2019) of taking freelance makeup clients I am offering a special rate on my 2hr makeup/skincare consultations. Here you can book me and once payment is received I will email you to find a date and time that is best for us to meet.


You can select your appointment options below! I made options for 1 or 2 appointments as some people like to gift consultations for friends. There is also an option for a gift card or online consult session!

Every consultation is different based on the clients needs. We can focus on whatever you are needing the most of! All clients will also receive my discount code at the time of the appointment if they choose to purchase items from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar.

Choose your appointment-

  1. 2 hour consult: This is an in-person consultation where we focus on your top skincare and makeup needs. Prior to your appointment I will send you an email with a questionnaire so I have the best understanding of your skin, lifestyle, and needs with your regimen. We will do a full skincare facial and a full makeup application. At the end of the appointment, we write down everything we used so you have a “love list.” Anything you purchase at that appointment from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar you will receive 10% off your entire purchase!

  2. Option to purchase 2, 2 hour consults: Whether they are both for you or for you and a friend, the option is there! If the 2nd appointment is for a friend, I can email them a gift card for the appointment or email it to you if you wish to print it off as a gift. I highly recommend booking the consultations separately or back-to-back.
    *same information as #1 applies

  3. Gift Card: Once you’ve purchased a gift card, I will email you your consultation GC for you to use yourself or to give to a friend. All gift cards are logged and tracked to avoid potential re-use. *All gift cards must be used before the end 0f 2019

  4. Online session!: Woot!! I’m super excited for this option. Here’s how it works-

    1. Once you purchase this option I will email you to say hi and to schedule our first quick phone call to go over your concerns and what you will be needing most from your consultation.

    2. Once I know more I will get you samples of skincare and makeup (cost on me!) to mail to you. Once your samples arrive we can schedule a time to do a 1 hour FaceTime or Skype consult.

    3. On the actual consult call you’ll be a able to apply the products as I walk you through them. I will give you product knowledge and the why behind why I think this product will help you target skin concerns or be the missing piece in your makeup regimen. Every consultation will be different based on the clients needs. We will have 1 hour to apply skincare and makeup together! Yes, I’m totally going to wear masks with you so you don’t feel silly.
      *this option is also eligible to use my code at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar to receive 10% off your entire order.

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